Truss Gantry Crane Specifications

tuo zhang
  • 20 Nov

Truss crane mainly refers to truss gantry crane which use truss structure, welded from shaped-steel, divided into two working-level mid-level and light-level system according to the busy degree of use. Truss gantry crane is mainly used in factories, open area between fixed cross, construction and installation sites, lumber yards and other places, due to the wind size is smaller than the box-shaped structure. Truss crane is particularly suitable for large sandstorm place, generally for handling and lifting work.

Truss gantry crane main specifications
Product Type Truss gantry crane
Crane Truss Lifting Capacity 1~50 t
Crane Truss Span Length 12~35m
Crane Truss Working Class A5, A6
Crane Truss Ambient Temperature -25~40℃
Composition of truss gantry crane
Truss gantry crane is mainly composed of truss girder, legs, lower cross beams and other components, structure components using shaft connecting, easy disassembly and transport.

The whole gantry crane adopts single girder, trolley part using hoist or electric hoist, trolley across the upper part of the main beam, hoisting mechanism lifting rope from both sides of the main beam, which can lift shape large object. All mechanisms operating in the driver’s cabin and all set up with rain cover.

Truss gantry crane designTruss gantry crane designTruss gantry crane design

Truss gantry crane design

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Features of truss gantry crane
Generally, the truss gantry crane has the features such as main structure with light weight, small wheel pressure and reliable performance, evolved by Russian gantry crane. Main specification of the truss gantry crane includes lifting capacity, lifting height, span, mechanism operating speed, working class, truss type gantry crane total weight and wheel load. And the detailed features of the truss crane are as follow:

Lifting capacity of truss gantry crane
The lifting capacity of the russ gantry crane referes to the maximum allowable lifting weight during crane normal work. Commonly has 5ton to 100ton.

Lifting height
The lifting height of the truss gantry crane referes to the distance between spreader upper limit position and lower limit position.

Span of truss gantry crane
The span of truss gantry crane is the distance between the wheel vertical centerline at both sides of the crane.