Anti-corrosion construction requirements for gantry cranes

tuo zhang
  • 20 Nov

Gantry cranes generally work outdoors, and the working environment is relatively poor, so the anticorrosion maintenance of the gantry crane must be done. What are the requirements for the anti-corrosion maintenance of gantry cranes that need to be strictly followed? The editor will give you a brief introduction.

How to prevent corrosion of gantry crane

Gantry cranes must do a good job of anti-corrosion
Before using the anticorrosive construction of gantry crane, the hanging ladder and hanging basket should carefully check the quality of the hooks and welds, and use them only after they are qualified. At the same time, hanging ladders and hanging baskets should be inspected irregularly during use. The erected platform shall meet the national safety standards, and start work after passing the safety inspection and acceptance.
Anticorrosive aerial workers of gantry cranes must wear double insurances, wear safety belts and caps, and perform labor protection in accordance with relevant requirements. Before the anti-corrosion construction of the gantry crane, all construction personnel should make safety technical disclosures, strictly follow the technical plan, and must not change the technical plan without authorization. If the plan needs to be changed, it must be reported to the superior technical authority for approval. Lifting operations must be directed by a dedicated person and supervised by a dedicated person; the command signal must be unified, clear and clear.
Smoking and fire are forbidden at the painting site, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment should be equipped. When the steel pipe installation team cuts out welding scars such as door legs, they must pay attention to fire prevention and prevent damage to cables or electrical equipment. If necessary, use carbon arc gouging to goug the weld scars and equip them with fire extinguishers for on-site monitoring.
Choose the sling correctly, not replace the big one with the small one, and replace the new one with the shoddy. The electricity used for painting construction shall comply with relevant regulations.
Overloading of the hanging basket is strictly prohibited, and there should be no more than 2 operators at a time. The construction personnel on the hanging basket are strictly prohibited from sticking out of the hanging basket. There should be no more than 4 workers on the same hanger, and no more than 2 workers on the same working position.
During the anti-corrosion construction process of the gantry crane, special personnel should be assigned to look after the special construction tooling, and it is strictly forbidden to throw debris.