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Privacy Policy EOEPCA+

For info: Considering the legacy of EOEPCA, we decided to describe the procurement of this contract under the name EOEPCA+ instead of under the acronym EOPIBBE (EO Platform Interoperable Building Blocks Evolution)

Please take note of important information regarding PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION below.

This notice sets out how your Personal Data will be handled for the purpose of participating in the Info Day, and your rights in relation to this handling of your Personal Data.

Personal Data Protection Notice

Who is the Data Controller?

Your personal data are collected and further processed as shown below upon decision taken by ESA. Thus the Data Controller is ESA.

Contact Details of ESA Data Protection Officer

According to ESA PDP Framework, your first point of contact concerning personal data matters is the ESA Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), who may be contacted at

Data collected

The personal data which may be collected and further processed for the purposes mentioned below are in particular:

  • Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs)
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Company Name
  • Country
  • Job Title
  • Main Areas of professional interest
  • Information in connection with your use of the EOEPCA websites, such as information in server logs, specifically information on your website use including search queries.

You are required not to send to the Agency any sensitive information (including information that indicate, directly or indirectly, the personnel’s ethnic origin, political opinions, adhesion to unions, parties etc., health situation, sexual orientation).

Your personal data may be collected by various means, including via an electronic form on EOEPCA+ websites e.g. if you sign up for our newsletter, register to access the website and/or apply to attend an EOEPCA+ event. Any information you provide us with will be stored in a safe and secure location. Your details are held in a password-protected account for the purpose of sending you occasional emails related to the events or activities in which you have expressed an interest.

Data processed

Your personal data are collected and further processed:

  • to provide you access to, and enable the use of the EOEPCA+ websites;
  • to enable your participation in EOEPCA+ events;
  • to send you notifications in connection with relevant events organised by EOEPCA+ including conferences, seminars, webinars and training courses;
  • to send you newsletters in relation to EOEPCA+;

We use the information in aggregated form to analyse the demographics of our subscribers (e.g. how many we have in each country). The data may be used to support us in determining user preferences and usage trends on an aggregated basis (e.g. how long users spend on average on the website or in reading particular articles). This analysis may be undertaken via Matomo - ESA Web Analytics tool. In addition to these purposes, the Agency may use your personal information for any of the purposes mentioned in Article 5 of the ESA Policy on Personal Data Protection available at:

To whom this data will be disclosed

The Agency may disclose your personal data to any of the following third party recipients for the fulfilment of all or part of the purposes of the collection and processing of personal data that are mentioned above. The Agency does not consider your personal data as an asset for sale and does not sell your personal data to any third parties. Members of the EOEPCA+ Development responsible for the operation, maintenance, and execution of the project will have access to the data. Their information is as follow:

  • Telespazio UK
    • 350 Capability Grn, Luton LU1 3LU, United Kingdom
  • SpaceTec Partners GmbH
    • Rumfordstraße 10, 80469 München

Retention period of your data

The Agency may keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the above mentioned purposes. Your Personal Data shall be deleted thereafter.

Your Rights

The Agency is keen to collect and process accurate personal data and to keep it to date. You may request the erasure, rectification, completion or amendment of your personal data if, and to the extent that it is inaccurate or incomplete, having regard to the purposes for which they are collected and processed, or if they are processed in violation with the principles referred in ESA PDP Framework.

If you choose to make a request for the erasure of personal data, you understand and agree that you will not receive newsletter updates, event invitations and notifications. The above mentioned request should be submitted to the ESA DPO, as first point of contact, by sending an email to:

You may also be allowed access to your personal data and have the possibility to erase, rectify, complete or amend it: please email for assistance with any such request.

  • In case of a data protection incident, you should contact ESA DPO, as first point of contact, by sending an email to:
  • In case you wish to submit a complaint, you are required to comply with the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Authority set forth by ESA PDP Framework. You will be required to demonstrate that a data protection incident occurred in relation to your personal data, following a decision of the Agency or at least to justify serious reasons to believe that such incident occurred.

By registering to an event or visiting the website, you agree to the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the ESA Framework on Personal Data Protection, on the terms set out in this Privacy Notice.

Last update: November 2023