We are pleased to announce that the full project team is now on board to complete the development of the EO Exploitation Platform Common Architecture (EOEPCA). The team features three domain experts and two operators.

Telespazio VEGA UK, as ESA’s prime contractor, has recently completed recruitment of subcontractors, following the Agency’s process for Best Practice Procurement. The full team consists of:

  • Telespazio VEGA UK – Prime contractor and systems engineering
  • STFC – Systems engineering support
  • EARSC – Communications support
  • Deimos Space (with Deimos Engenharia) – Domain expert in User Management
  • Terradue (with Terradue UK) – Domain Expert in Processing and Chaining
  • EOX (with EOfarm) – Domain Expert in Resource Provisioning and Management
  • Terradue  – Operator 1
  • Space Applications – Operator 2

These distributed teams are already working together productively in two-week sprints following agile methodology. The three specialist teams are developing components as reference implementations in their respective domains. The two operators will verify these by integrating with their respective operational platforms.

We are currently working towards system release v0.2, which includes an Application Deployment and Execution Service (ADES) implementing OGCWPS 1.0/2.0 & API Processes, executing processes through Kubernetes. The ADES is protected by Identity and Access Management components supporting login via GitHub (OpenID Connect) and enforcement of authorisation policy using User Managed Access (UMA). All system components deploy natively to Kubernetes.

All the software and documentation is being developed as free open source and is publicly available at https://eoepca.github.io/  for review and feedback.