On 25th September we released v1.3 of our EO Exploitation Platform Common Architecture (EOEPCA).

The release includes many enhancements and bugfixes to the existing building blocks, plus...

  • New building-block Application Hub that provides interactive tooling for analysis, development and hosting for extensible user-defined interactive web dashboards
    Note that the Application Hub (including Code Server) replaces the previous PDE component
  • New building-block Registration API, which provides a convenient REST API for the registration of resources into the Resource Catalogue and Data Access services
  • New approach for the Workspace API user bucket creation, which uses a webhook approach that makes it easier for platform integrators to provide their own implementations. This deprecates tho old Bucket Operator approach. We also include the Minio Bucket API that provides an implementation of the webook for minio S3 object storage.

For details of the full list of components included in the release, see the Release Note.

Each building block is released as a Docker container with supporting helm chart for Kubernetes deployment. Kubernetes provides an infrastructure-agnostic target for the deployment of our reference system components.

The Deployment Guide has been updated for release v1.3. It describes how each building-block comprising the EOEPCA Reference Implementation is configured and deployed. A full system deployment is described, in which components are deployed with complementary configurations that facilitate their integration as a coherent system. Nevertheless, each component can be cherry-picked from this system deployment for individual re-use.