On 28th February we released v1.4 of our EO Exploitation Platform Common Architecture (EOEPCA).

The release includes many enhancements and bugfixes to the existing building blocks, plus...

  • ADES
    • The ADES implementation has been significantly reworked and fully aligned with the re-architected upstream ZOO-Project DRU - which deprecates the previous proc-ades implementation
    • Improved log output handling for job executions
    • Automatic creation of Resource Catalogue collections for ADES staged-out results
    • Management of compute resources (CPU, RAM, GPU) for job execution
  • IAM Solution
    • The IAM solution has migrated from Gluu to Keycloak with associated Gatekeeper component for policy enforcement.
  • Resource Catalogue
    • Resource Catalogue STAC implementation improvements, for consistency with STAC Browser
  • Data Access
    • Re-base to EOxViewServer v4 (previously v2)
    • Support for additional datasets: Sentinel-1/2/3/5P/6A, Landsat-7/8, Envisat

For details of the full list of components included in the release, see the Release Note.

Each building block is released as a Docker container with supporting helm chart for Kubernetes deployment. Kubernetes provides an infrastructure-agnostic target for the deployment of our reference system components.

The Deployment Guide has been updated for release v1.3. It describes how each building-block comprising the EOEPCA Reference Implementation is configured and deployed. A full system deployment is described, in which components are deployed with complementary configurations that facilitate their integration as a coherent system. Nevertheless, each component can be cherry-picked from this system deployment for individual re-use.