We are pleased to announce the release of EOEPCA system software v0.9 on Friday 23 July 2021.

This is a beta release, anticipating the forthcoming v1.0, providing the essential core functionality of an EO Exploitation Platform, covering the three key domains identified in the Common Architecture:

  • Resource Management - catalogue and discovery of data and applications
  • Processing and Chaining - deployment and execution of applications
  • User Management - identity, security, access control and accounting

What's new

  • User Workspace

Providing management and access to user owned resources, including full resource catalogue and data access services. Workspace resources are access protected to the owning user.

  • Integration of Application Deployment & Execution Service (ADES) with Protected User Workspace

Protected access to user's workspace, authorized according to policy. User's processing results are pushed to their Workspace bucket, and registered in their Resource Catalogue and Data Access Services.

  • Commercial Operator Identity Hub (COIH)

Integration of ESA's Commercial Operator Identity Hub (COIH) as an identity provider.

  • OGC API Records

Support added to Resource Catalogue.

  • EOEPCA Helm Chart Repositories

Simplifying deployment on Kubernetes

  • Normalized Hotspot Indices

New sample application for ADES deployment.


All the latest software building blocks are freely available via our Software page and the links below.