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openEO and EOEPCA Integration

An investigation has been conducted into potential areas of integration between openEO and EOEPCA Processing capabilities. The report, available in the EOEPCA repository here, defines the full investigation as well as suggesting two potential means to integrate the platforms and allow them to be used collectively for Earth Observation data processing. Any code produced during this investigation that is referenced in the project document can be found in the same repository here. The report is broken down into two main investigations, each considering how one of the platforms can be integrated into the other, and vice-versa:

  1. The first area of investigation was to determine whether openEO processing can be combined into OGC Application Packages which can then be executed using EOEPCA, more specifically the ADES building block. This investigation led us to define an example OGC Application Package which can be deployed and executed via the ADES. This package can be run to generate outputs directly from an openEO process graph, with the only requirement being a compatible CWL script.
  2. The second stage of this investigation was to understand whether OGC Application Packages, normally executed via the ADES, could instead be used as processes within openEO process graphs. This required us to introduce functionality into the openEO specification supporting the execution of CWL scripts within openEO processes. To achieve this, we have defined a new openEO process that can execute a CWL script on given inputs. We have also provided some example implementation here in Python, as an extension of the openEO Dask Implementation.