EOEPCA at the OGC TC Toulouse November 2019

The EOEPCA team attended the OGC’s 113th Technical Committee (TC) Meeting, which was held at the Toulouse Evénements Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis in Toulouse, France from 18 – 21 November 2019 and was sponsored by Airbus.


More than 170 people attended the meeting, with key standards leaders and regional experts from industry, academia, and government.

The Future Directions session was of particular interest to the EOEPCA project. This session highlighted the work of the Innovation Programme and Testbed-15 and topics included:

  • Earth Observation Applications Discovery

Focused on application registration and discovery for earth observation data exploitation.

  • Federated Cloud Analytics

Assessing the role of a Federation Manager and the use of OGC WPS 2.0 in the context of performing analytics in an exploitation environment that spans multiple administrative domains.

  • Data-Centric Security

Examining the use of encrypted containers and fine-grained data security controlled by location and time using NATO STANAGS (4778/4774) with the OGC API – Features.

  • Machine Learning

Integration of various ML scenarios with OGC web services.

The EOEPCA team were represented in many Working Group sessions, including those for Architecture, Metadata & Catalog, EO for Agriculture, MetOcean, Coverages and Datacubes, WPS, Security, Big Data. A common topic for many Working Groups related to the current OGC initiative to establish REST API specifications (OGC API) to modernise a number of its existing standards.


During the Earth Observation Exploitation Platform (EOXP) Working Group, we had the opportunity to introduce the Earth Observation Applications Pilot (https://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/eoa-pilot).  The Call for Participation is currently open for the pilot and the deadline for proposals is December 11th 2019. The pilot aims to evaluate the maturity of the Testbed 13/14/15 EOC threads (EMS/ADES/Catalogue) and the concept of the pilot is to engage with EO analyst/application developers and EO platform operators to establish a real-world evaluation of the cloud architecture to ‘bring the user to the data’.