OGC Applications Pilot

On Tuesday 8 September,  the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is hosting a webinar to present experiences and lessons learned on how to best exploit Big EO data stores and how to enable externally developed applications as additional services.

This is a significant result of the OGC Earth Observation Application Pilot, sponsored by the ESA funded project EOEPCA. The activity brings together processing server providers, implementing the OGC Application Deployment and Execution Service (ADES), with application developers, who implement their typical use case using the OGC architecture, e.g. "dockerise" their application, deploy and execute. The idea is for app developers to deploy their app to multiple servers to evaluate the architecture and provide feedback. 

EOEPCA has embraced this architecture, so the evaluation/feedback is of great interest.

The main pilot page is here https://www.ogc.org/projects/initiatives/eoa-pilot.

The webinar page is here https://www.ogc.org/ogcevents/earth-observation-applications-data-architecture-presentation-webinar.

Full details of the EOECPA project here https://eoepca.github.io/

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