Why Living Planet Symposium’19 was relevant for the EOEPCA project

The European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium is an event held every three years. This event focuses on how Earth Observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth Observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.

One of the themes of the Living Planet Symposium was the Space 4.0 and Earth Observation which aims to understand the technologies that impact on Earth Observation missions, data analysis and applications. Here is where EOEPCA comes to place as the initiative intends to become a widely adopted reference architecture and implementation for the future exploitation of distributed Earth Observation data and services.

The main objective of the EOEPCA team was to promote within the community and participants of the Symposium the Common Architecture benefits and how the process is intended to be run. The aim was to gather as much interest from the community (applications users, experts, platform providers, etc) as possible norder to collaborate together to build a consensus solution. 

The feedback of the community into the process is key in order to build this Common Architecture and to make sure that will be used by current and future EO Exploitation Platforms. Currently we are aiming to consolidate the use cases analysis to cover all the different cases. Feedback is really important for us, please find in our GitHub repository the following documents that need to be reviewed. 

Collaborate with us in order to cover your use case!